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Email: rick(at)masterkeypro.com
Phone: 801-521-0869 or 800-505-6636

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Final activation will take place manually by me, and after we receive your payment. Please allow time for this.

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Click the View HTML button to create a basic web page out of your report. Print from browser. OR Click the Save button to generate a spreadsheet out of your report. Add descriptions and Print from your spreadsheet. OR You can even copy the raw report from the program and paste it into your word processor. To copy click on the report and choose Ctrl+A to select all, then Ctrl+C to copy it.

Click the Save button to generate a spreadsheet out of your report. From there you can add descriptions and Print from your spreadsheet.

If you use a cloud service like Dropbox etc. you can save reports there and share them across your service. This makes it possible to have your systems with you in your work van and in your shop. Please refer to your cloud service for details.

Yes, in our latest version I added the ability to do one step systems that use a pin size of 1-6, like Kwikset and others.

Yes, this version gives you more flexibility by allowing you to customize your Key Bitting Array (KBA)

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